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Horoscopes for April 16th






ARIES- It’s time to think ahead — you’ve got just the right kind of mental energy to make plans and consider all your options. If you’re part of a larger group, you should try to get buy-in before proceeding.

TAURUS- You don’t know exactly what’s going down today, and you may have to deal with some seriously weird behavior from those whom you can ordinarily count on to be rock-solid citizens


GEMINI- You’ve got some new ideas about what’s really going on today. You may find that your energy is better spent following up on them rather than just going along with the pack


CANCER- You don’t usually love handling financial issues — boring! — but the one you face today is more interesting and may come with several desirable outcomes. Pick one, and don’t worry too much about it

LEO- It’s hard to be patient on a day like today, when everyone but you seems to be bursting with great ideas, but you need to wait nonetheless. Your energy isn’t quite in line with the rest of the world in the right way yet.

VIRGO- You need to deal with clutter today — or maybe just the possibility of clutter. Your mental energy is great for organizing and reorganizing, and you should find a better way to keep your stuff together

LIBRA- It’s a good time to boost your love life. Things are looking up for you, and you may want to share it with someone new. It could also be that your current partner just needs some reinforcement!

SCORPIO- Try your best to stay open to new ideas — that’s how you grow as a person. Today you may feel more resistant than usual, but that just means you’re ready for a big breakthrough.

SAGITTARIUS- Intellectual cross-fertilization is happening in a big way today, so make sure that you’re talking to all the right people. You’ve got big ideas and so do they, so talk, listen and exchange

CAPRICORN- You don’t need to pour cold water on everything, but you do need to slow down and make sure that you are only agreeing to ideas and schemes that are thoroughly sound. That can take work to determine

AQUARIUS- Your energy levels are pretty high today, so use that good stuff to make a real difference. You can show the world what you’re made of and show them that things can be really different

PISCES- You are somewhat more open to change than usual — and that is saying a lot! You know it’s coming and there’s not much you can do about it, so embrace it and make it as positive as it can be