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April 1st






ARIES- Take what you desire rather than wait for someone to offer it to you. Whatever your number one ambition in life happens to be, that is what you should now be aiming for. Your dreams WILL all come true.

TAURUS- Usually you get your way through sheer force of personality but cosmic activity in the most sensitive area of your chart makes that more difficult now. If you want something you'll have to offer something in return.

GEMINI- Requests for help of a financial nature will come your way but if you are smart you will turn them all down. The best way to help others is to show them how to help themselves. Most won't want to know.

CANCER- Someone in a position of authority is about to offer you the chance to move several rungs up the ladder of success. Before you proceed ask yourself a serious question: do you really want this level of responsibility?

LEO- Your confidence may be soaring now but don't go to extremes. At best you will make a fool of yourself; at worst others will expect you to be like that all the time. Try not to forget it's only an act. Isn't it?

VIRGO- You may feel irrationally jealous today, which is not like you at all. The fact is your nerves are still on edge from the effects of the recent full moon, so stay calm and try to take nothing too seriously.

LIBRA- The best way to avoid confrontation is to remove yourself from areas where it is most likely to take place. Everything will be fine if everyone respects your space - and, of course, you must respect theirs.

SCORPIO- You may have a lot of practical issues on your plate at the moment but don't neglect your feelings - or the feelings of those you love. Make time for others today - and even more time for yourself.

SAGITTARIUS- The Sun in Aries is bringing all sorts of opportunities your way - all you have to do is reach out and grab them. But don't be greedy: there is plenty of good stuff to go around. Strive for quality work, not quantity

CAPRICORN- You may have to hide your true feelings if you want to avoid a scene. If you fall out with someone today they will be in a huff for weeks, so bite your lip and focus on things you can agree on.

AQUARIUS- Seek out people who are fun, people who make you laugh when you are feeling down. And don't think of it as wasting time, because it's nothing of the sort. Happiness is worth making an effort for.

PISCES- You may be tempted to rush around today and finish all those half-completed jobs you think are so important. Don't bother. If they really were that important you would have done them all by now.