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April 17th






ARIES- Try to help people out today — you’ve got the right kind of energy for volunteer work or for assisting other people’s projects, but not so much for taking care of you own personal stuff. That will come later!

TAURUS- Team up today — the buddy system serves you best. Your great energy only blossoms when you are surrounded by like minds, or at least in communication with one other person who really gets you.

GEMINI- You can’t make heads or tails of a new email or message coming from someone you usually understand — but this is not the right time to ask for clarification! Just hold off for a few more days.

CANCER- You have to take a hard look at the forces at work in your life — make sure that you’re spending all that good energy searching for hidden factors. Your hunches are golden, so follow them up.

LEO- Avoid the temptation to demand clarity from your people today — it’s just not happening! Find ways to make life a little better for those who are confused, and just wait for new info to come your way.

VIRGO- Opinions are all over the map today, and that could be hard for you to handle. See if you can just get your people to chill out and speak plainly. Make sure to respect their views, even if they sound a little crazy!

LIBRA- Try not to worry too much if you don’t get anywhere today — where were you going, anyway? Your energy is best spent just dealing with one big issue that isn’t far from home base.

SCORPIO- If you’re not soaking up new art today, then you should be out making your own. All that great energy needs an outlet, and your creative powers are peaking now. Remember to have fun

SAGITTARIUS- Now is the best time for you to go for something big and crazy — maybe a bold new career, maybe a foreign language class or maybe a love life reboot. Only you know what’s needed!

CAPRICORN- Your sense of rhythm and harmony connect in a new way today, maybe inspiring you to pick up that guitar again or to hit a karaoke bar tonight. Music is more fulfilling than ever.

AQUARIUS- Try to go over your old ideas one more time — things need to be different, and you may not be sure how to make them so quite yet. A little thought can help to round it all out pretty soon.

PISCES- You can be anyone you want to be, starting today — so get to it! Your amazing personal energy is great for transformation and rediscovery, and you can improve your life immeasurably