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Horoscopes for April 18th





ARIES- A clue comes in a dream, and you would do well to pay careful attention to it. That could mean noting it down in a scratch pad by the bed or just playing every hunch that comes your way.

TAURUS- Try to show your people that you get them — your mental energy is great for bridging social barriers and building connections that may not have existed until today. Make it work for you.

GEMINI- Your people don’t really understand what’s going on today, but you can see it. Unfortunately, their confusion may lead to rumors swirling around about you — take care of them tomorrow

CANCER- You hit on a new way to fill the days that scratches a psychic itch you may not have known you had. This is well worth following up on, and might even lead to a new career path for you

LEO- Everyone seems to be on edge emotionally, which could put you in an unfortunate position if push comes to shove. See if you can get them to see the bright side and explain that you don’t mean anything negative.

VIRGO- This is not the time for productivity. You should be able to get your basic work done, but not much else — and it’s nobody’s fault! Even if someone seems to be the culprit, it’s really just the way the day is laid out.

LIBRA- If you can just chill out a little and let things slide, you should be able to get almost anything done today. Flexibility is paramount, so adjust your behavior as much as you can.

SCORPIO- Try not to take life so seriously today — even if others are. You need to play little games and have fun as much as you can, or else you may find that all this good energy just slips away!

SAGITTARIUS- You are thinking things through today — so much so that others may think you’re sick or even depressed! You are just feeling less active, but you should come up with some great new plans or ideas

CAPRICORN- You’ve got terrific social energy now so make the most of it and show your people how it’s done. Things can be even better if you decide to make a play for a new love interest, so go for it!

AQUARIUS- Compassion is the key to life today — make sure that you are treating everyone with the same grace and warmth you show your family. If you can pull that off, a great surprise comes your way later in the day.

PISCES-Other people are crowding you a bit — but you don’t mind so much. You are an elemental force today, and they are drawn to you though they may not know why. Embrace them and see what happens!