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Horoscopes for April 20th






ARIES- You are starting something up that needs more serious work than you had realized. Make sure that your energy is up for it — but the odds are good it is! Once it’s past, the day is yours.

TAURUS- You need to be a smart shopper today, if you’re shopping at all. Your energy is best spent on price comparisons and haggling, though sometimes you have to just plunk down the cash.

GEMINI- An acquaintance rings you up with a request — but it may be an invitation in disguise. It’s a good idea to follow up on it and see where it leads. You may be about to make a quantum leap.

CANCER- You run afoul of the boss — or some other authority figure — and you may not be able to get out of it easily, at least right away. Try not to escalate the situation, and see if it resolves itself in a few days.

LEO- You should enjoy the day — things are going your way for sure, and that could mean anything from some very good news this morning to a snap decision to take a class and move in a different direction.

VIRGO-Your mood could be a little higher, maybe, if you pushed it, but for now, you feel too good to worry about maximizing your fun. Things are looking good, and you may find it easier to make progress.

LIBRA- Your work life is important right now, so make sure that you’re focusing at least some of your energy on making connections or meeting people who can help you get the job you deserve.

SCORPIO- When was the last time you hit the gym, did yoga or even just took a nice long walk? Now is the time to recommit yourself to a fitness routine that works for you. It should pay great dividends!

SAGITTARIUS- You need to deal with kids today — but it’s a good thing! If you’re lucky, you can just play and frolic without worrying about supervision, but even if you have to be responsible, that’s fine by you.

CAPRICORN- Today is a perfect day for an ending of some kind. That sounds ominous, but it needn’t be so bad — maybe it’s time to walk away from that toxic job or relationship, or to quit a bad habit.

AQUARIUS- Keep pushing your biggest ideas today — they can get you almost anywhere if you believe in them. In fact, you may build on them to create something even bigger and better, so think hard!

PISCES- You feel a little confused about today’s big meeting or problem, but that’s a good thing — it’s ambiguous! Ask questions, if only to get others thinking about what needs to be settled first.