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April 3rd








ARIES- Do whatever it takes to make an impression on people in positions of power. That may be easier than it sounds but with your drive and determination you can and you must find ways to get yourself noticed.

TAURUS- Forget about the negative things in your life - the bills, the quarrels, etc - and focus on your dreams. The planets indicate that at least one of those dreams will come true over the next few weeks. Be ready for it.

GEMINI- If you need to improve your financial situation then it's time to make that big move from the planning stage to the doing stage. You know what changes need to be made, so get on and make them.

CANCER- Changes seem to be coming thick and fast at the moment and it may all be getting a bit too much for you. Calm down, make yourself a nice cup of tea and let the planets work their magic. You'll be okay.

LEO- It seems you have got your fingers in too many pies at the moment and there is a serious possibility they could get burned. Maybe it's time to back off a bit, at least for a while. Sort out your priorities.

VIRGO- Your creative juices are bubbling nicely and although some may say your ideas are too far-fetched you know they can be made to work. You have so much confidence in your abilities there is nothing you cannot do.

LIBRA- You will be on good terms with just about everyone today but especially with a group of people who like to go to extremes. That's all fine and dandy but watch out you don't hurt yourself, or other people.

SCORPIO- Nothing seems to faze you at the moment. Is that because your circumstances have changed for the better or is it because you finally understand that life is supposed to be fun, not dreaded? Whatever the reason - enjoy!

SAGITTARIUS- Minor problems will most likely be magnified into major setbacks today, at least in your own head. It is essential that you don't let your fears get out of hand. What happened to that happy-go-lucky, optimistic Sag?

Capricorn- Pluto in your birth sign gives you great power but it also brings with it responsibility for how you use that power. You may be tempted to use your authority to cut corners today but that would be a mistake.

Aquarius- Others may be urging you to do this or do that but don't listen to them: there is no need to panic or change your lifestyle. Changes will take place but let them happen gradually, not all in one go.

Pisces- What is currently happening in your life may be unsettling but it is also necessary if you are to lead a fuller, happier existence. One thing is certain: whatever you are doing now you won't be doing next week.