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Horoscopes for April 23rd






ARIES- Your core values are on display there’s no hiding them, even if you wanted to. This may be an excellent time to see about acquiring new people on your team who see things the same way you do.

TAURUS- You are still feeling fantastic, and should be able to get yourself embroiled in sweet situations that are nothing but sheer pleasure. It’s fun while it lasts, and should make for good memories.

GEMINI- Someone needs advice, and you may be the only person who can give it to them. See if you can sit them down for a quick chat — your way with words should help you put it in the most positive light.

CANCER- It’s a good time for you to try something totally new — original, even — in order to distinguish yourself from the pack. It’s easier than ever to fall back on your creative side.

LEO- It’s a good time to avoid bureaucrats as much as you can today — they are sure to pin you down once they get their hands on you! If you can put off that trip to the DMV for another day, so much the better.

VIRGO- You need to dig into someone’s past — or present — so you can figure out how best to approach them. It’s easy for you, thanks to your terrific mental energy. It doesn’t feel like snooping, either

LIBRA- You’re feeling much better about your new group — or new members of an old group. Your energy is perfect for integrating almost anyone into your inner circle, so go for it as soon as you can!

SCORPIO- Your intense ways are affecting you more deeply today — which could mean that you are in quite a funk! Try to relax a little or to work your way through it using every tool in your toolbox

SAGITTARIUS- See if you can swing a new intern or get some help from your mate — you need to focus on the dates, numbers and cold facts of your new project, but you might not yet be able to wrap your mind around them.

CAPRICORN- Your ability to take care of chores others find odious is a blessing and a curse — but today, you score triple the karma points for doing what must be done. Go for it and chill out later

AQUARIUS- Your past mistakes can help you to create tomorrow’s successes — but only if you can face them boldly. Today’s mental energy helps you do just that, so make sure you’re rummaging through old baggage.

PISCES- You feel the urge to pour your all into domestic bliss today — so call a family meeting or invite friends over for a feast! Your great energy ensures that all goes smoothly, and you might start a new tradition.