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Horoscopes for April 24th






ARIES- You are filled with new and great ideas today — and you might find that you have a hard time communicating them all to your people. The good news is that you can save some of the best ones for later dry spells.


TAURUS- Try to avoid getting enmeshed in anything too big or complex today — especially if it involves legal paperwork! It’s not that you’re getting conned, just that you don’t have the time or patience quite yet.


GEMINI- Your mental energy is unstoppable today — so put your mind to work on something new and big! Your ideas are making life really interesting, so be sure to spread them around so everyone can take part.


CANCER- You can’t quite handle all the input you are sure to receive today — so block some of it out! You don’t have to answer your phone every time it rings, or read every last email you receive.


LEO- You need to deal with something big today — so it’s great that your mental energy is tossing out ideas left and right! See if you can get your peers to collaborate, or at least record your brainstorms!


VIRGO- You are so fast on your feet that you may take the competition by surprise — and then do it again right away! Your ability to out-think even the brightest minds is the stuff of legend.


LIBRA- You can’t quite seem to make up your mind about things today — but that is a positive trait! You see the bright side of almost everything, and that gives you reasons to keep learning more.


SCORPIO- You may be dealing with a temptation you can’t resist today — so find strength in your friends or some higher power. If all else fails, give in completely and see where the ride takes you.




SAGITTARIUS- You just don’t know what the problem is with people — some of them are complaining of boredom, while you are fully engaged with your surroundings. Just shrug them off and do your own thing.


CAPRICORN- You need to share your thoughts with friends and colleagues today — and it’s easier than ever. You know just how to express yourself, and you should find that you can change minds easily.


AQUARIUS- How’s your love life? Your answer may change for the better by the end of the day — so get ready for some serious sizzle! Maybe your mate has arranged for something special, or maybe you meet someone new.


PISCES- Try not to let your boss or mate get you to agree to anything too well defined today — you know that the situation is changing, but you may not know yet just how different things will be.