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Horoscopes for April 26th







ARIES- Communication is key today — but keep it short and sweet! Positive messages linger, but if you go on too long, you risk boring folks and making them forget whatever it is you want them to understand.

TAURUS- Focus on the present — long-term planning, especially of emotional enterprises, deserves more of your mental energy than you can spare right now. It shouldn’t take long for you to snap back, though!

GEMINI- You need to move through some new territory today. It’s one of those great times when everything seems to click, and you should find that your path is clear no matter where you want to go.

CANCER- Your work seems far too complicated today — but it doesn’t have to be this way! Delegate some of the smaller tasks or see if you can just walk away from something that has grown too big.

LEO- You are feeling a little torn between two amazing alternatives — are you sure there’s no way for you to choose both? If not, you may have to leave it to chance, or wait for another time.

VIRGO- You need to get back to work — maybe literally, maybe figuratively. Your energy is best spent finding a new job or tackling your backlog of unfinished business, so get to it and succeed!

LIBRA- Your brain is extremely active right now, and you should find that you can think through almost any problem that has been bugging you lately. Try to make sure that you’re focused, though.

SCORPIO- You surprise yourself early today by rethinking something big and seemingly settled — all thanks to one tiny detail. You may have to take your time with this one, though. Ask for advice.

SAGITTARIUS- You know what needs to be done, though you may not be sure exactly how to go about it. The good news is that your philosophical meanderings should give you a good direction for later.

CAPRICORN- You’ve got to open up more today — the world expects honest communication, so give it just that! Your mental energy should be more or less in line with that of others, so it’s a good day for teamwork.

AQUARIUS- Your creative impulses are giving rise to new ideas and new ways of doing things — and you could not be happier! Make sure that you’re giving yourself the space and resources you need to succeed.

PISCES- You are a little too busy for your taste — but you can still get stuff done. Just focus on the work that you know is more important and let the rest of it settle itself. Things should get better quickly