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April 5th







ARIES- You have never been afraid to fight for your rights but you need to remember that others have rights as well. You could force your wishes on others today but it's really not worth the bad feeling

TAURUS- If you are the focus of gossip the best way to deal with it is to laugh it off. It seems someone is stirring up trouble and hoping you will react. Now that you know that you are sure to act cool.

GEMINI- You may not like it when others make decisions for you but the planets indicate youwill have to grin and bear it today. Sometimes you have no choice but to follow orders. But you'll get your revenge.

CANCER- Your rivals are not nearly as powerful or influential as they think they are. Your best defense when confronted by anger or animosity is to just ignore them. Imagine they don't exist and for you they won't.

LEO- There is something you know you must do, something you should probably have done weeks ago. Stop just thinking about it and do something concrete. Take the first step and the rest will come easy.

VIRGO- You can't resist giving advice it's part of your nature but don't be surprised if what you say today is rejected out of hand by a friend. You're allowed to give advice but they don't have to take it.

Libra- There will always be situations over which you have no control and you need to accept that fact. Don't waste your time and energy trying to change what cannot be changed. Relax it's life.

SCORPIO- Don't be too eager to get rid of one thing so you can have another, because it may not be as simple as that. If you are thinking of making changes try leaving it a few days. They may be unnecessary.

SAGITTARIUS- You may be inclined, in true Sagittarian fashion, to throw everything at a problem in the hope that one huge effort will solve it. Maybe it will but more likely you will exhaust yourself. Is it really worth the effort?

CAPRICORN- You seem to believe that the world is against you, that negative forces are plotting to bring you down. You've been reading too many conspiracy theories. The world is not against you, the world loves you so cheer up.

AQUARIUS- Is it possible to affect the outcome of a situation by thinking strong and positive thoughts about it? Yes it is and if you give it a go over the next few days you will be amazed by the results.

PISCES- It will be easy to lose your temper with someone today but is it worth the effort? No, it's not. The best way to deal with those who annoy you is to pretend they don't exist. It's only your thoughts that give them power