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Horoscopes for September 14th




ARIES- Get started on something new today — you know what you want, and you know exactly how to get there. Anything you start today is sure to end up taking you somewhere new and wonderful.

TAURUS- Even if you find the best deal imaginable, you may want to wait before dropping any cash today, to say nothing of adding to your debt. Spending now is likely to cause heartache later.

GEMINI- You know lots of people by sight or by name; at least one of those folks you don’t see every day, but know well enough, is vital to your success right now. Wait for serendipity or start making calls.

CANCER- When things get weird today, your first impulse may be to lash out or to turn it into an argument. Try not to take things personally — you’ve got more going on than you realize.

LEO- You’re having too much fun to worry about whether or not you’re learning anything — and that guarantees that you pick up on at least one important life lesson. Share the knowledge with those who need it

VIRGO- You feel more strident and sure of yourself today — and with good reason! Your energy is just right for committing yourself to new projects, or finding new meaning in old ones. Enjoythe lift!

LIBRA-Your love life can run on autopilot for the time being — you need to focus all this social energy on other people! Old friends, colleagues, customers, familyand more all need your attention now-

SCORPIO- Try to take things one step at a time today — if you get too far ahead of yourself, you’re just going to have to redo all your hard work! Be as methodical as you can and all will be well.

SAGITTARIUS- If you’ve got kids, you’re more in touch with them than ever today. If not, it’s a good time to hang out with younger relatives or kids of friends — your energy is just right for getting along with them!

CAPRICORN- Something has got to end, and you need to be the one to end it soon. Try not to worry too much about whether or not you’re saying it the right way — you’ve just got to say it out loud.

AQUARIUS- Try out a new, big-picture idea — things can be a lot better if you’re willing to take a risk! Others might not understand what you’re shooting for, but they are sure to appreciate it when it comes down

PISCES- Your communication style is a little out of sync with the rest of the world today, but that doesn’t mean that you’re out of touch. Speak in cryptic poetry or see if you can play word games with a friend