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April 27th





ARIES- You start something rolling that really takes off — and it could be  big  for you! See if you can find a way to launch your latest scheme with the help of those closest to you.

TAURUS- It’s all about communication today — you need to speak up, listen closely and find new ways to spread the word. Your energy is all about making connections, and great things are possible now.

GEMINI- You have a harder time than usual with your work or home chores — your typical adaptability has gone AWOL! Try not to freak out, because you can still take care of business the hard way.

CANCER- Your doppelganger is on the prowl — but it’s looking for ways to help you, not make life harder! You don’t see it directly, but someone might be confused when they see you in more than one place.

LEO- Try to keep the peace today — you certainly want to, and your energy is just right for keeping others sane. Make your pitch as sincerely as you can, and things should go your way pretty soon.

VIRGO- A little help comes your way in the form of a friendly gesture, or additional resources from your boss or a mysterious admirer. Let yourself indulge for a bit — you deserve it!

LIBRA- Turn your attention away from the big picture today — it’s not pretty! That gives you the free time to appreciate life’s little pleasures, and by the time you check back, things should look a lot better.

SCORPIO- Try to indulge your need for travel today — you’ve got to get out there and experience more of your world. Life is good, but you need something new in order to grow spiritually.

SAGITTARIUS- You’re paired up with someone who couldn’t be further apart from you in temperament — and today’s weird social energy only accentuates that! The good news is that you should reach a surprisingly good conclusion

CAPRICORN- Try not to take anything personally today — people are just all on edge and ready to pick fights. If you refuse to rise to their challenges, you look like the grown-up and things get back to normal sooner.

AQUARIUS- Your body yearns for exercise — and your mind wouldn’t object, either! Even if you’ve been blowing off cardio for months or longer, get started now. You might find that it sticks this time!

PISCES- Try not to restrict yourself to any one mode of communication today. Poetry is almost perfect, but it can’t capture everything — so tackle some issues with straightforward, direct talk.