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April 8th






ARIES- Let fate be your guide. The approaching new moon means you have nothing to fear and everything to look forward to, so stop worrying and expect good things to happen. Opportunity is about to come knocking.

TAURUS- You must listen to your inner voice more over the next few days. It wants to tell you something you need to know, something that will make your life more exciting and enjoyable. What could be wrong with that?

GEMINI- An idea you had a while back, which you then forgot, will pop back into your head today, and this time you must not let it slip away. Write it down in detail, then start making plans to make it a reality.

CANCER- It may seem as if a friend or work colleague has deceived you in some way but more likely you are getting angry for no good reason. The planets indicate there is no reason to doubt their good intentions

LEO- This week's new moon means you can expect life to take a turn for the better. Not that it's too bad at the moment but you have been worrying a lot about certain issues. Forget them, they really don't matter.

VIRGO- Your vibrant personality draws people to you. Everyone wants to be your friend. If you are free and single this is an excellent time for new romance. If you are attached, spice up your love life in some way.

LIBRA- You want to believe that a certain person is trustworthy but something about their attitude makes you wonder if that is wise. Listen to your instincts - they rarely let you down. Be safe now rather than sorry later

SCORPIO- A creative idea could make you  a fortune, IF you have the courage to follow it through to completion. Don't let everyone know about it though: the better the idea the more you should keep it to yourself.

SAGITTARIUS- Life is good and will get even better. The approaching new moon suggests it's time to step up a gear and make sure the world knows who you are and what you can do. Don't hide your magnificence.

CAPRICORN- Whatever it is you are working on will bring huge success. Friends and rivals will be amazed at how quickly and easily you turn a good idea into a concrete reality. It's because you're a doer, not a talker.

AQUARIUS- Social activities of all sorts will bring you a great deal of joy over the next few days. Don't sit at home staring at the same four walls, get out there and have fun. The world needs your brand of laughter.

PISCES- A number of things in your life may look the wrong way up at the moment but before this week is over everything will make perfect sense. Just wait, watch and listen between now and Wednesday's new moon