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Horoscopes for April 30th







ARIES- Your exuberant energy may cause friction with friends or colleagues today, but you should be able to avoid sticky situations without too much trouble. Make sure you’re polite about it all!

TAURUS- You are feeling somewhat self-righteous today, and you may find that your friends are looking at you funny as you rant and rail against the ways of the world. Just make sure you keep your sense of humor.

GEMINI- You are not feeling quite so serious today — in fact, you ought to avoid any heavy topics, if possible! Others around you may want to go there, but you can firmly keep bringing them back to the fun stuff.

CANCER- You don’t usually act on impulse, but today is the perfect time to do just that. When the mood strikes you, make sure you ask out that hottie or take that left turn — life is better if you do!

LEO- You know in your bones that you’ve got it made, so make sure that you’re dealing with people as equals (or minions, if you must). Your confidence shines through and instills deep trust.

Virgo- Do your best to keep yourself honest today — if you talk yourself up too much, you may find that others are less willing to hear you out the next time you dream up something big. It’s a good day for teamwork.

LIBRA- Stay active today — someone needs to see you working hard, even if you’re off work or between jobs. Clean house, tackle a new project or polish up that resume in order to make things work for you.

SCORPIO- Sure, you’ve got an ego — who doesn’t? Still, for now you need to try to keep it under wraps, as people are quite wary of any signs of inflated self-esteem. You can toot that horn tomorrow!

SAGITTARIUS- You need to plan a trip — or, if you’re lucky enough to be out of town right now, you need to push yourself to try more things and meet more people than you ordinarily would. Your energy demands it!

CAPRICORN- Your working life is made more difficult by an error in judgment — though it’s unlikely to be yours. Just roll with it and do your best, as things should resolve themselves more quickly than usual.

AQUARIUS- Assert your independence from the group today — it’s easy to see that you’re in need of some serious downtime, but that doesn’t mean that you need to step on anyone’s toes to get it.

PISCES- You need to deal with a recurring desire or fantasy that is causing some problem in your waking life. It may be time to move past it, or to redouble your efforts to bring it to life.