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Horoscopes for May 1st







ARIES- You need to do something healthy today — it could be almost anything! Your energy is focused more on your deeper, ongoing needs than anything transitory, so make sure you’re in it for the long haul.

TAURUS- You are feeling even closer to someone who is already quite important to you. It may be time to let them know, or to solidify your relationship in some new way. You have to bring it up, though!

GEMINI- Think about what you need to do before taking any serious steps toward actually doing it. Your energy is better spent on planning and calculation, even if someone is breathing down your neck.

CANCER- This is the time to make big plans or to brainstorm new ideas. Your mental energy is focused and great for dealing with long-term projects, and your people will follow your lead.

LEO- Take a new look at your financial situation — you have some issues that aren’t yet resolved, but could be handled early with minimal pain. Take extra time to figure it all out!

VIRGO- Expect at least one ‘aha’ moment today, as your amazing personal energy takes over your brain and forces understanding of some previously difficult topic — or person. It all just starts to click!

LIBRA- You can’t quite figure out what’s really going on in there, but you can tell that there are multiple competing voices in your head. It’s time to let them fight it out, and then you can move forward.

SCORPIO- It’s the small stuff that matters most today, so make sure that you’re paying close attention to all the little things that really matter. See if your friends can watch out for anything that might affect you.

SAGITTARIUS- Try not to rock any boats today — if only because the Coast Guard is watching! Authority figures are taking their roles much too seriously today, so make sure to stay out of their way.

CAPRICORN- You can get so much done today that you may surprise even yourself. It’s a good time for you to push yourself to new heights and to achieve more than you had once thought possible.

AQUARIUS- You are feeling more emotionally stable today. That could mean almost anything, but it’s certainly a good thing for your love life! Make sure the right person knows how you feel.

PISCES- Now is the time for quick action — so snap to it! As soon as you see an opportunity, you need to jump on it and make sure that you’re following through for as long as it takes to succeed