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April 9th







ARIES-Your mind is full of brilliant ideas. What are you going to do with them? Don't just let them sit there doing nothing. Good ideas are like fertilizer, they need to be spread around so they can help people grow

TAURUS- A new opportunity is about to come your way. Make sure you use it wisely. Yes, you will have to change your ways and adapt to events that don't feel natural to you, but the effort will be worth it.

GEMINI- Someone will try to get you to tone down your opinions a bit today - and you must have none of it. You have something important to say and the world needs to hear it. Don't let anyone censor you.

CANCER- You need to act tough today, even if you don't feel tough. Give employers and other important people an image of you that is strong and self-assured, even if that is far from what you actually feel.

LEO- This is a wonderful time for you, a time of exciting adventures and encounters. You certainly won't have any reason to complain that you are bored over the next 24 hours - if anything there will be too much going on

VIRGO- You have so many options to choose from that it may get a bit too confusing. Never mind. What happens over the next two or three days will nudge you in the right direction. Any choice is a good choice.

LIBRA- From the look of your solar chart it would appear that someone is hoping you will say or do something they don't have the guts to say or do themselves. You don't mind. You like to help where you can.

SCORPIO- Don't stop to question why you are following a certain course of action. The fact that you have begun means you need to go all the way, regardless of whether your initial choice was right or wrong. Just do it.

SAGITTARIUS- You are proud of your openness to new ideas but one idea you encounter today may be a bit too much for you. Why? Does it make you feel uncomfortable that an unpleasant belief may in fact be true? Good

CAPRICORN- It seems you have something to say that is likely to hurt the feelings of more sensitive sorts. Be that as it may youmust say it anyway because someone has to tell the truth. Reality isn't always pleasant.

AQUARIUS- Spend time with friends today because they can help you get past the negative thoughts you've been having of late. You've done so much for them theywill jump at the chance to repay your kindness.

PISCES- What happens today will make it clear where you stand with certain people and why your association is unlikely to last. It's no big deal not all relationships stand the test of time. Move on to something better.