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May 2nd




ARIES- You have to show that special friend or relative how much they mean to you. Do something nice so they can feel the love, even if they’re halfway across the world. Pay it forward!

TAURUS- Your emotional side is stronger — and more sensitive — than usual, and that could mean that you need to show your sweetie what time it is. Let your instincts take over as you sweep them away again!

GEMINI- There’s too much chatter going on around you — though it may be hard for you to imagine that’s ever the case! Just close yourself away to avoid the worst of it and get your business done.

CANCER- Your ability to clean up old messes is great right now. This could be a stain on your favorite outfit or bad blood between you and a relative — just make sure your intentions are good.

LEO- Finances are never fun, but you’ve got the right kind of mindset to improve yours today. Whether you’re deep in the red or doing pretty well, your numbers could always look a little better!

VIRGO- You are at your best when you’re helping others, and today you should have a golden opportunity to do just that. Things are much more stable for you, which gives you more energy for earning karma!

LIBRA- Details are piling up all around you, so much that you may start to wish you had stayed in bed! It’s just one of those days when you need to call in reinforcements to make everything better

SCORPIO- You’ve got a good friend who is also in need — so cement that relationship by offering up whatever it is that can make their life easier. You know it doesn’t cost you much, but it earns you some serious points!

SAGITTARIUS- Rushing moves you backward today — so go slow or stay put! Your energy is a bit out of sync with the rest of the world, which can be frustrating — but you can make the most of a tough situation.

CAPRICORN- You need to make plans today — though they may be for next year or even farther out in the future. Your mental state is perfect for looking at facts and considering how to integrate them into your life.

AQUARIUS- Work and business are harder for you to deal with today — so make sure you’re either off the clock or getting help! Your energy is focused in a weird direction, but you should be back in the game soon


PISCES- Worry about the hows and whys later — you need to get moving, and fast! This situation will definitely make sense in the future, but for the time being, you just need to deal with life as it is.