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Horoscopes for May 3rd






ARIES- Try to take a big step back and a deep breath before you say anything too critical. Your energy is just right for giving feedback, but almost nobody wants to hear the worst first.

TAURUS- If you’re looking for love, now is the time to go for it. Heck, if you’re looking for a job, you’re in the right place — you are as attractive as can be to whomever you need looking at you the right way!

GEMINI- Try to dig more deeply into the problems and puzzles you face today. Your mental energy is perfect for penetrating mysteries and analyzing conundrums, so make the most of it and get on with life.

CANCER- Reach out and show that new person what you’re all about. Things are sure to get better for the both of you, but only if you really connect. Try grabbing a bite or finding another way to bond.

LEO- Take a step back and try to avoid risks for the day. Things aren’t that bad, really, but you may find that it’s easier to just play it safe and let others take the fall, if there is one.

VIRGO- You may be the best-organized person at the office or in the neighborhood, but there’s always room for improvement — and today’s mindset can help you amaze those who are watching.


LIBRA- This is one of those overwhelming days when you’d really rather stick with one person or project. That’s not how it is, though, and you may find that your energy is best spent calling in old favors.

SCORPIO- You aren’t necessarily dedicating your life to the common good, but you do see a new way you can improve the world and make your own life a little richer — so go for it! It’s win-win.

SAGITTARIUS- Details drive you absolutely insane today — but that just means you have to take twice as long to deal with them properly. Your energy is fantastic for pushing through the bureaucratic muck.

CAPRICORN- Do your homework today — things could be looking up for you, but only if you’re willing and able to dig up the facts. Once you’ve absorbed the info you need, you know what to do next.

AQUARIUS- Details are all-important, and you need to make sure that you are taking care of them quickly and forthrightly. Your energy is just right for fiddling with rows and columns, so get to work!

PISCES- This is a good time to insert yourself into a new situation. It could be something major or something small and personal, but your energy is required for it to end up working out for you.