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May 7th






ARIES- Something big comes down and upsets you early on, but you should be able to rebound — after all, you are stronger than most. Just make sure that you’re not actively ignoring anything problematic.

TAURUS- Your closest relationships are being tested today. Make sure that you’re not pushing anyone too hard — and let them know if they cross any boundaries. Things can change for the better!

GEMINI- Not every mystery has to be that way forever — see if you can track down your latest puzzle today. Even if things seem totally out there, you should pick up on at least hints of what’s really going on


CANCER- Business is harder to handle than usual, as you are finding more and more reasons to just hole up on your own. You need people, but you need to rethink things before you get back in the game.

LEO- You need to deal with your own problems today — let your friends handle theirs. If you do stick your nose in someone else’s business, you are almost guaranteed to find that things go south quickly.

VIRGO- You need to show a friend or colleague what’s what today — and your way with words is perfect for the job. Make sure that you’re paying attention, though, as they might slip away before you can tell them.

LIBRA- It’s a great day for shopping, so get out there and find some deals! You may have to blow off a friend or customer, but sometimes you’ve just got to do your own thing if you want to get anywhere.

SCORPIO- You are a beacon today, radiating bright ideas and good energy for the whole world to see. This may make you the target of some unsolicited attention, but that could turn into a good thing quickly!

SAGITTARIUS- Your active imagination is making life a lot wackier today, so enjoy it and don’t worry about anything practical. Your direct energy is sure to return in the near future, and then things start to take off.

CAPRICORN- You need to get organized — which is fairly easy for you. Your mental energy is just right for taking care of the small stuff and clearing a space to work on the big stuff when the time is right.

AQUARIUS- You are out in the open now — there’s no turning back! Of course, that is a good thing, but it may not feel that way right now. See if you can get your people to watch your back until you regain your balance.

PISCES- You can’t quite understand what you’re being told today, but that’s okay — you’re certainly not the only one! In fact, everything is so fuzzy now that you might actually be at an advantage!