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Horoscopes for May 8th






ARIES- You may step on someone’s toes — not that that is your intention! It just happens sometimes, and it’s hard to say who’s to blame. Just apologize and get on with life.

TAURUS- You need to avoid any situation that might get your temper worked up — you may turn into someone with a little too much to say! You’re better off letting others make the case, at least for the time being.

GEMINI- Your people are all highlighted today — and you may be dwelling on how you relate to them. Your timing is great, as at least one person comes to you with a peace offering — or something even better!

CANCER- You run into a tough situation today that may have you choosing between the lesser of two evils — or the greater of two goods! Either way, you’re torn, so expect to think long and hard about it.

LEO- You are feeling some seriously great energy flowing through you today, so make sure that you’re ready for change. It’s certain to be positive, and could come from any direction at all.

VIRGO- You need to take it as it comes today — things may not go your way, but there’s just no forcing them! Sometimes, your best bet is just to deal with life as it happens, and then pop back later.

LIBRA- You need to deal with whatever is on the table today — there’s just no way for you to take on additional work. You may need to check in with someone who’s been holding out on you.

SCORPIO- You need to deal with something that’s larger than your usual perspective, but that’s okay — in fact, you may find that it’s a way to get back to basics and recharge your life for the better.

SAGITTARIUS- You are feeling great today — your mood just couldn’t be sweeter! See if you can find a new way to show your friends how happy you are to be part of their lives. Make it a party of some kind.

CAPRICORN- You can’t worry too much about today’s setbacks — in fact, you might not even notice them, or even be affected by them all that much! See if you can just stay in the zone and get a lot done.

AQUARIUS- You and your people — in whichever grouping you feel most at home — need to get together and really talk. It may be almost anything, from hurt feelings to new directions, but you have to go there!

PISCES- Though things seem pretty dire early on today, a stroke of luck puts you back in the running. It’s no sure thing, but you can count on at least getting a fair shot at what you want most