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April 10th






ARIES- Identify your priorities and focus on them to the exclusion of everything else. You know what must be done and you know that now is the best time to do it. The new moon will help you make it look easy.

TAURUS- Your dreams can and will come true and you must believe that. The mind is a powerful tool and if there is even a glimmer of doubt you will set up obstacles that need not be there. Be positive.

GEMINI- Go to places that excite you. Talk with people whose ideas inspire you. Under the influence of today's new moon you can and you must be as adventurous as possible. For a Gemini there are no limits.

CANCER- Employers and other authority figures will go out of their way to make life easy for you over the next 24 hours - IF they think that is what you need and desire. If you want help, just ask for it.

LEO -Let your mind roam wherever it wants to and don't be afraid to think, say and do things that some other people might not approve of. You're at your best when rocking the boat - so rock away!

VIRGO- Sometimes it is better to tell a friend a painful truth than a comfortable lie and that is the situation you are in at the moment. Let them know how you see their situation. They need your clear-headed input.

LIBRA- You must make an effort to communicate with partners and loved ones. Leave no room for doubt. Make sure they know exactly what you are thinking. Minor disputes can easily be resolved over the next 24 hours

SCORPIO- Whatever it is you are currently working on you must not try to push ahead too fast. Take it a step at a time, even if your progress seems to be slow. You'll get there in the end - you always do.

SAGITTARIUS-Say what you mean today and don't worry that it might hurt someone's feelings. It's your feelings that count and if the price of happiness is admitting that you no longer get on with someone then so be it.

CAPRICORN-  You know you are right about something but you can't find the evidence that will prove it. How frustrating. Maybe it's because you are looking too hard. Maybe you should back off a little, for now.

AQUARIUS- You may have high standards but not everyone has what it takes to live up to them. And why should they anyway if they don't share your measuring stick? It takes all sorts to make a world. You should know that.

PISCES- Your current task may seem too big for you but the planets indicate you have what it takes to win through. Today's new moon will in some way or other boost your self-belief. Then you must act.