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May 11th







ARIES- Identify areas where savings can be made and don't add to your financial problems by buying things you don't need. You love the first class lifestyle but the planets warn you may have to travel coach for a while.

TAURUS- It may annoy you that someone needs convincing that you care for them but make the effort. If you say something nice today you will get something nice in return over the weekend - and on balance you'll gain.

GEMINI- Your imagination will get a boost today but watch out it doesn't go too far and you start imagining things that are never going to happen. By all means dream, but try to keep in touch with reality too.

CANCER-You may have high expectations of yourself, and you certainly seem to be going places, but keep your feet on the ground. Some of your ambitions are, to say the least, a little bit over the top. Time for a rethink.

LEO-  Common sense tells you to steer clear of other people's disputes, especially on the work front where whatever side you choose to support you will most likely come unstuck. Be the one who tries to keep the peace.

VIRGO- Do what you feel like doing today, not what other people say you should do. Maybe they're right, maybe you do have an obligation to help out, but you've done more than your share of late. You can't do it all.

LIBRA- Someone thinks they can part you from your hard-earned cash by pretending they are in distress and only you can help them. Are they right? Are you that gullible? Your task for the day is to prove them wrong

SCORPIO- There are far too many people in the world who expect something for nothing, but they are unlikely to get it from you today. You have no time for those who blame their inadequacies on everyone but themselves.

SAGITTARIUS- You don't have to prove anything to anyone, not today nor any other day. Do what you feel is right, do it to the best of your ability and, if someone complains for any reason, just smile and do it some more.

CAPRICORN- Don't let others see that you are desperate to possess something or they will push up the price to unreasonable levels. Pretend you don't care whether you get it or not, then you'll more likely get a bargain.



AQUARIUS- Your ambitions are likely to clash with your personal commitments today - and it is your ambitions that must be favored. The fact is a partner or loved one is making emotional demands that are far from reasonable.

PISCES- You won't be much in the mood for work today and that's good because there are more interesting things you could be doing with your time. Just be careful you don't overdo it. Traveling and socializing can be exhausting!