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April 11th







ARIES-You need to clear your mind of trivial thoughts and focus only on what really matters, with your career very much to the fore. The rest of the world can waste time on non-essentials - you have important work to do.

TAURUS-According to the planets someone is abusing your good nature and you must get tough and make sure they stop. Just because you're a nice guy does not mean you're not allowed to get nasty once in a while

GEMINI-  There is something you need to take care of that cannot be delegated to other people. You may not enjoy it that much but you know it must be done. Get it over with now and the good times will soon begin

CANCER- Yes, someone has betrayed your trust, but is it really such a big deal? Why not just forget about it and move on. If nothing else, others will realize you are not as thin-skinned as they thought.

LEO- A little bit of effort will go a long way today but don't push yourself too hard. Set yourself sensible targets and pace yourself according to your natural limits. Small victories will soon add up to major triumphs

VIRGO- If you give up one thing today you will gain something much more valuable in the long-term, but do you have the willpower to make the change? If you don't make it now it may never be made.

LIBRA- Try not to take what you hear today the wrong way. What you think of as bad news may be nothing of the sort - it could be you are just reading into the situation an interpretation that does not exist.

SCORPIO- Other people seem unable to grasp even the most simple of instructions today, which is SO frustrating. There is no point losing your temper with them as that will only make matters worse. You'll just have to be patient.

SAGITTARIUS- Before you agree to take on new responsibilities you should ask yourself how it might affect other areas of your life. Your cash flow situation may be in need of a boost but money isn't everything. Time has value too.

CAPRICORN- No matter how tempting a social invitation may be you must turn it down and do something less demanding. There are times when you like to be alone with your thoughts and this is one of them.

AQUARIUS- Something you hear while listening in on someone else's conversation will intrigue you and make you want to know more, but you've got to be smart about it. You don't want them to know you're a snoop

PISCES- Some people have no shame and no self-awareness and you will find yourself having to deal with one such individual today. Don't waste time trying to befriend them - intellectually and morally you are on different planets