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May 14th







ARIES- You may have to admit that you are out of your depth and that you are not going to reach the target you set yourself. That's okay. In fact it's good. A dose of reality now will set you up for the week

TAURUS- Mars in your fellow Earth sign of Virgo endows you with huge self-belief, but other influences will overshadow it today. Don't take risks or take anything for granted. Someone could be setting you up for a fall.

GEMINI- Don't worry too much if you can't seem to work out what's going on today - it will all become clear as the week progresses. Even if you lose out in some way now you will make up for it later on.

CANCER- Do not allow yourself to get drawn into other people's disputes. Chances are you will end up supporting the wrong side, which won't do your reputation for picking winners much good. Be on your own side, no one else's.

LEO -You will be in a generous mood today. If someone is down on their luck you won't have the heart to turn them away. But hopefully you will have the common sense to make sure they are a deserving case.

VIRGO- Mars in your sign makes you assertive and ambitious, but don't try to do everything all in one go. Start the week slowly and carefully. Feel your way and don't take unnecessary risks. Don't worry, you won't miss out.

LIBRA- It does not matter if you are in one of your gloom and doom moods today because by this time tomorrow you will be all smiles again. For now, just sit quietly by yourself and meditate on the meaning of life

SCORPIO- Put any feelings of regret or remorse you may have behind you immediately. A new week is dawning and with it comes new opportunities. To take advantage of them you must put the past behind you once and for all

SAGITTARIUS- You will find it easier to be assertive on the work front today, but that does not mean you will get everything your own way. A minor success can be built into something more important but you've got to be patient

CAPRICORN- The message of the stars is that you have nothing to worry about - no, really, nothing at all. By all means take a few chances. By all means throw off that cautious Capricorn label. You were born to strive - and succeed.

AQUARIUS- You may be tempted to cut corners today but is that really such a smart idea? Even if you beat the system in the short-term it will most likely catch up with you later on. Play by the rules, for now.

PISCES- Someone you work with is in an unreasonable mood and no doubt it annoys you a lot. But don't stoop to their level and be unreasonable in return because that means they will have won.