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April 12th






ARIES- If someone questions your motives or authority today you must make it clear to them that you are the boss and you will do as you please. Say it nicely, of course, but make sure they know that you mean it.

TAURUS- Certain people seem to believe that you exist solely to look out for their interests. Now is the time to remind them that you have needs and desires of your own and that they must come first – always

GEMINI- You may want to explain your actions to family members and friends but chances are they won't understand so why waste the time? Do what you have to do and let them figure it out for themselves.

CANCER- What is the one thing you desire above all other things? Is there a chance you will get it some time soon? If not, don't give up hope. Make your plans, then take a step in the right direction. Then just keep going.

LEO- The planets will have you rushing around in all directions today. One moment you'll be going this way, the next you'll be going that way, and half an hour later it will be all change again. Time for a vacation.

VIRGO- If you give up one thing today you will gain something much more valuable in the long-term, but do you have the willpower to make the change? If you don't make it now it may never be made.

LIBRA- It's not like you to get upset over trivial things but for some strange reason you have allowed minor everyday matters to get under your skin. Don't worry about it. Over the weekend you'll find reasons to smile again.

SCORPIO- Relentless Pluto reminds you to let go of control as it begins its retrograde period today. Fortunately, you can turn your key planet into your best ally as long as you step up to tackle an emotional issue that you were previously trying to ignore

Sagittarius- The cost of pleasure may actually be higher than you think now, but you might not realize it until after you say yes. Think about the consequences of your actions before doing something impulsive that will need fixing later.

Capricorn- You are often the champion of responsibility, yet today your key planet, Saturn, receives an electric jab from spontaneous Uranus, prompting you to make a quick escape. But this exciting cosmic zap also sends mixed signals to your brain because you are nervous about running out on a promise

Aquarius- You crave the excitement of variety in your daily routine, but today everything could become too chaotic to manage. However, don't just shut down and withdraw, for the lack of distractions may be even worse than too many of them

Pisces- Your plans for a vacation might run into an unexpected obstacle today, especially if your dreams are too big for your budget. Financial restraints could deter you from finalizing travel arrangements. Or, perhaps a lack of resources prevents you from enrolling in an educational course. Either way, don't just cave in and give up