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May 17th







ARIES- If something sounds too good to be true then it most likely is, so don't be fooled. You may want the world to know who you are and what you can do but watch out your enemies don't use that against you.

TAURUS- You may be having doubts about a friendship or relationship that has caused you quite a bit of trouble of late, but don't give up on it yet. Give it one last try. You never know, this could be the turning point.

GEMINI- Think carefully before you pursue what you think is your dream - because it could turn into a nightmare if you get it wrong. Wait until the Sun enters your sign on the 20th before deciding what your future should be.

CANCER-Why do you insist on looking back at what cannot be changed? Do you enjoy it? Is there a masochistic streak to your nature? Whatever the reason it's time to get over the past. It's the future that matters.

LEO-  Strive to keep things in perspective today, especially where affairs of the heart are concerned. The planets warn there is a danger that you are becoming obsessive about someone - someone other than yourself that is!

VIRGO- Be confident enough to follow your own path through life, even if it is a path many people might disapprove of. You don't have to follow the herd. You don't have to be like everyone else. Be yourself today

LIBRA- You are who you are and no one has the right to demand that you be any different. And even if they did have the right you are under no obligation to agree with them. Be the person that you want to be.

SCORPIO- Someone you meet today will make an impression on you and no doubt your friendship will blossom. But don't push it too fast, too soon. There is still a lot you don't know about each other. Give it time.

SAGITTARIUS- If someone you love seems determined to make a silly mistake then you might as well let them get on with it. It is one of life's ironies that we learn more from what we do wrong than from what we do right.

CAPRICORN- Even if you are in the mood to make changes it will pay you to wait a few days. The solar eclipse at the weekend will throw everything up in the air, so there's no point acting until it's all settled down again.

AQUARIUS- You have nothing to prove, not to other people nor to yourself, so slow down and give your overworked body and mind time to recover. Spend more time with partners and loved ones. Let them do things for you.

PISCES- Consult someone you trust before making that big move you have been thinking about. It could be they can see a potential pitfall that you have missed. Never be too proud to ask for advice - no one is perfect.