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Horoscopes for May 18th








ARIES- What seems like a problem now will have resolved itself by the early part of next week, so leave well alone. Also, no matter how much your rivals try to provoke you, at work or on the street, never stop smiling.

TAURUS- You will have to start dealing with the consequences of your actions over the past few weeks. It will be easier if you admit, at least to yourself, that though you got most things right you also got a few things wrong.

GEMINI- Some people may complain that they've not got the breaks they deserved, but that cuts no ice with you. If they are expecting sympathy they are going to be disappointed. You know everyone gets what they deserve in the end.

CANCER-You must adopt a positive attitude over the next 24 hours. The Sun's entry into the most sensitive area of your chart on Sunday will make it easy to get depressed but you still have much to be thankful for.

LEO-  It may seem as if you are moving in the opposite direction to everyone else but why should that worry you? You have never been one to follow the crowd and there is no reason why you should start now

VIRGO- You don't usually pay attention to conspiracy theories but what happens over the next few days will make you wonder if maybe there is something going on, something you should know about. It won't hurt to investigate

LIBRA- Check the facts today, in all situations, because it could be the case that someone is hoping to mislead you. Anyone who tries to prove their point by throwing around dubious statistics is not to be trusted.

SCORPIO- You will be on the move over the next few days and there is no telling where you will end up come Monday morning! Don't worry about planning your route, just go where the muse takes you and enjoy every moment.

SAGITTARIUS- Try not to take anything too seriously today. If you do you will quickly get annoyed when people you work or do business with try to undermine what you've accomplished. Nothing they say can truly hurt you.

CAPRICORN- There may be all sorts of bad things going on in the world but none of them is your fault, so don't shed too many tears. However, if you can do something practical to help someone in need this weekend then do it


AQUARIUS- It may seem unfair that you have to finish some mundane task or other this weekend while everyone else seems to be having the time of their life, but don't sweat it. Your time will come - and very soon.

PISCES- Something good will happen today, something that makes you glad to be alive. Most likely the universe is paying you back for some of the helpful things you have done for other people. Now it's your turn to smile