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April 15th






ARIES- The Sun, Venus and Mars all leave your sign over the coming week, suggesting a major change of emphasis in your life events. Put simply: you've had your fun, now you must find ways to pay for it.

TAURUS- No matter how much fun you are having at the moment the real fun has hardly begun. The week starts with Venus, your ruler, moving into your sign, where it will be joined later in the week by the Sun. Go wild!

GEMINI- Luck will come your way when you most need it this week, so don't worry about how you are going to pay your way because the universe will provide. You've still got to make some effort though.

CANCER- Your likes and dislikes will be clear for all to see over the next few days. Don't try to hide them, especially the dislikes, because they are a valid part of your nature. Be who you are this week, only more so.

LEO- You need to transform the working pattern of your life and the planets will help you in a big way over the next seven days. You don't have to do much yourself - just expect opportunities and act quickly when they arrive.

VIRGO- There will be several opportunities to indulge your desires this coming week, and you should take advantage of each and every one of them. Life is supposed to be fun, so make having a good time your top priority.

LIBRA- This could be and should be a fortunate time for you but you must also be careful. There is a tendency to take too much for granted and maybe overextend yourself financially. Remember your Libra sense of balance.

SCORPIO- Spend more time with partners and loved ones and relatives. You are so plugged into life and it's many possibilities that you sometimes neglect those who really count. Make it up to them - put them first today

SAGITTARIUS- You must not, repeat not, push yourself beyond your limits over the next few days. If you do it may pose a risk to your health. That doesn't mean you cannot enjoy life - you just need to think a bit more.

CAPRICORN- There are various times when it all comes together and this is one of them. Over the next few days you will find that your energy peaks and you have more enthusiasm for life in general - and creativity in particular.

AQUARIUS- The cosmic emphasis is about to shift to domestic matters but there is still time to do something special in the world. Aim to be the very best at what you do. And aim to help other people be better too.

PISCES- Get moving quickly today because once you get going you won't want to stop and you will accomplish much more than you expected. It does not matter if you have a goal or not, what matters is that you start now.