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Horoscopes for May 21st







ARIES- By all means have an opinion about something, but don't expect everyone to agree with you. You are free to say anything you like - and others are just as free to say the opposite if they so choose.

TAURUS- Someone you meet for the first time will make an impression on you, but don't let your admiration for them go to your head. They may have a pretty face and a sweet tongue, but do they possess a good heart as well?

GEMINI- Stop looking back and wishing things had been different - it's a total waste of time. What matters is where you are now and where you intend to be in the very near future. And that future starts now.

CANCER- Whatever it is that is worrying you at the moment remember you don't have to suffer in silence. There is always a helping hand waiting for you, but you must be willing to make the first move

LEO- Leave the object of your affection in no doubt at all how much you care for them. Go out of your way to remind them that, in the greater scheme of things, their happiness is all that really matters to you.

VIRGO- You could work harder, or you could spend more time with family and friends. The choice is yours to make but the planets will encourage you to put your personal life first today. It's all about love.

LIBRA- There is a danger that the suspicious side of your nature will get the upper hand today. Remind yourself that, at heart, all people are basically kind and generous, even though sometimes the opposite seems true.

SCORPIO- There may be many bad things going on in the world but overall it is still a marvelous place with endless possibilities. Others can look on the dark side if they want today but you will be smiling.

SAGITTARIUS- Get up and get out into the world where you can see and be seen. The planets indicate that you will meet someone who gets your pulse racing. It could be the relationship you have been waiting a lifetime for!

CAPRICORN- Money problems may be holding you back from having a good time but there are other ways you can have fun. Someone you meet on your travels today will inspire you to create something unique

AQUARIUS- You will find it easier than usual today to open up and let others see your vulnerable side. That may surprise some people, who probably didn't realize you even had such a side. Yes, you're human too.

PISCES- You seem to be having second thoughts about something that only a short while ago you were remarkably enthusiastic about. Don't make any decisions just yet though - you'll be having even more thoughts soon