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Horoscopes for May 23rd






ARIES- Your imagination will be active today and whatever you think about will in some way or other become a reality by the end of the week. Your mind creates your world - once you know that, you know everything.

TAURUS- You don't have to be nice to everyone you meet but you should strive to stay on goods terms with someone who has the power to make life uncomfortable for you, if they so choose. Be their friend.

GEMINI- A relationship that has been going through a bad patch will improve over the next few days but you will have to own up and agree that you were at least partly to blame. Say it, even if you don't mean it.

CANCER-Stop putting pressure on yourself and accept that what is meant to happen will happen in its own good time. In fact, life would be simpler if you stopped making plans altogether. Take each day as it comes

LEO-  Give those who ask you for help your verbal support but also encourage them to take responsibility for their own actions. You won't always be there to assist them - in fact you won't even be there tomorrow.

VIRGO- Wishful thinking is not always a bad thing and what you wish for today may well become your reality over the next few weeks. Just make sure what you wish for is positive and morally uplifting.

LIBRA- Perfection is an illusion and the sooner you see through it the better. Today's Sun-Neptune link will encourage you to reach for some unattainable goal. Don't do it. Be yourself - you're already good enough

SCORPIO- You are a Scorpio. You are supposed to be passionate. So why are you trying to pretend that you don't care about something when, deep inside, you are raging? You are who you are for a reason. Be yourself.

SAGITTARIUS- The Sun in your opposite sign means that some people will try to intimidate you. You must resist them. It may seem as if they have all the power but it isn't true. No one can force you against your will.

CAPRICORN- Forget about making lists of all the things in your life that need to be done. The best way to get through the day - any day - is to live it moment by moment. Fate will always guide you. You don't need a map.

AQUARIUS- Stop feeling sorry for yourself and start smiling again. With the Sun now moving through the best area of your chart life will be a lot of fun over the next few weeks. Don't wait for tomorrow - have fun today.

PISCES- There are an awful lot of sob stories doing the rounds at the moment - and you are advised to ignore each and every one of them. With the Sun at right angles to your ruler Neptune chances are none of them are true