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Horoscopes for May 24th







ARIES- If you have something worth saying say it, people will listen no matter how unconventional your message may be. You are endowed with the kind of self-belief that others cannot help but be impressed by.

TAURUS- You seem to believe that fate has not been fair to you, that less deserving folk have got the rewards while you've been left with nothing. That's rubbish. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and make your talents pay.

GEMINI-Mercury, your ruler, joins the Sun in your sign today. What does that mean? It means a new start is possible. Do you have the mental and emotional strength to make a new life for yourself? Of course you do — so do it.

CANCER- If you use your imagination today you will come up with a solution to a problem that has been annoying you for months, maybe years. When you realize how simple it is you will kick yourself for being so short-sighted.

LEO- It seems you can do no wrong in the eyes of your friends. So do something outrageous. Any place where there is music and laughter will attract you like a moth to a flame over the next 24 hours. It's party time

VIRGO- Changes in your working life will be forced on you over the next few weeks but you must not resist them. Overall they are changes for the better, so welcome them. The world moves on - and you must move with it.

LIBRA- Mercury in Gemini will make it easy for you to change an idea or an opinion that is past its sell-by date. No matter how deeply attached you may have been to it in the past it's no longer worth the effort.

SCORPIO- A windfall of some sort is likely - and it's nothing more than you deserve. While other people were changing their minds every few minutes you stuck to your guns  and now it's about to pay off.


SAGITTARIUS- Yes, others people may have the upper hand, at home and at work, but that does not mean you cannot do your own thing. Do what is expected of you but find time to do what makes you happy too.

CAPRICORN- This is the perfect time to start a new health or fitness program. You know what your goal is and you know how to get from where you are now to where you most want to be — so get on with it.

AQUARIUS- You can afford to take risks. You can afford to bend the rules a little. Celestial activity in your fellow Air sign of Gemini means you are under cosmic protection, so put a name to your dream and go after it.

PISCES- You are in the mood to make changes — and big changes at that — but if they are likely to affect other people you must consult them first. If they know what you're up to they won't stand in your way