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April 17th






ARIES- Your workload is about to go through the roof but don't worry about it - you have nothing to fear. Somehow you will find the time and the energy to get everything done that has to be done - and done well.

TAURUS- You need to give yourself permission to be, well, yourself. Identify what it is you most want to do in life then go for it with all your physical, mental and emotional might. You WILL reach that star!

GEMINI- Family matters will be uppermost in your mind today and there may be some kind of drama you have to resolve. Don't worry, you will cope with ease. Loved ones will respect your decisions, but first you've got to make them.

CANCER- If you feel like letting your hair down and doing something out of the ordinary then go right ahead. Who cares what the neighbors think? Who cares about the cost? Life is for living and loving and laughing.

LEO- Before you start work on a new enterprise make sure the foundations you've put in place are solid. You are going to be doing a lot of building over the next few weeks - you don't want to risk it all falling down.

VIRGO- No challenge is too big for you. No mountain is too high. The next four weeks are going to be special, very special. How do you make the most of them? Just be yourself. You're special after all.

LIBRA- You may be tempted to withdraw into your shell and ignore the world but is that really the best thing to do? Whatever it is that has put you in such a bad mood don't let it win. Come out fighting today.

SCORPIO- There comes a time when, no matter how good you are at working on your own. you must join forces with others. The planets indicate it's time to get involved in a project that involves hundreds, maybe thousands, of people.

SAGITTARIUS- You need to slow down and ask yourself what it is you are trying to achieve. The time is right to move on and maybe even move up in the world - but first you must convince yourself it's what you want.

CAPRICORN- Do you feel trapped and unable to break out of a rut? Don't worry. The planets suggest you will soon be on the move again, and once you get going you'll soon reach top speed. Better days are on their way.

AQUARIUS- You are worrying about something that does not need worrying about. Once you realize that fact you will be able to break out of the cycle of despair that currently holds you. Believe in yourself, and in the future.

PISCES- You will get the opportunity over the next few days to build bridges to people you respect but who for some reason you are not as close to, physically or emotionally, as you once were. Don't let this chance go begging.