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April 18th






ARIES- Keep things in perspective today. Not everything will go your way and you could even suffer a small financial loss but it's no big deal. In the things that really matter you are rich by anyone's standards.

TAURUS- With the Sun about to move into your birth sign you should be looking ahead and planning all the marvelous things you are going to be doing. Don't let other people's negativity hold you back. Go for it!

GEMINI- You may be active by nature but over the next few days you should aim to do less and think more. Activity for its own sake, be it physical or mental, is a waste of time, so make sure your aims have meaning

CANCER- How can you make a difference in the world? What can you do to lighten not only your own load but the loads of other people too? Give it some thought and a way will occur to you. Then just do it.

LEO- Do you want to improve your status and reputation? Do you want to make your mark on the world? Then keep your eyes and ears open because you will soon get the chance. You may never be anonymous again.

VIRGO- The planets are about to offer you the chance to make a new beginning. First though you need to get rid of all that emotional baggage you have been carrying around. It's time to be who you want to be.

LIBRA- You may be inclined to make changes to your financial or business affairs today but is that really such a smart idea? With so many things in a state of flux at the moment it may be better to just sit tight.

SCORPIO- Your reputation for toughness is well deserved but there is also a softer, more compassionate side to your nature that will be much in evidence today. Help a friend solve a personal problem but don't be judgmental about it

SAGITTARIUS- Do you see your work as a challenge or a chore? If it's the latter you may need to change direction, and with the Sun about to move into the work area of your chart that won't be difficult. Follow your dream.

Capricorn- You cannot be bothered with trivial issues or trivial people. There are so many big things going on in the world at the moment and it annoys you that so many don't seem to care. But you care - so DO something

Aquarius- With the cosmic emphasis about to switch to the domestic sphere you should focus on the needs of loved ones. Use your powers of persuasion to help end a feud of some kind. It's such a waste of time and energy

Pisces-As Pisces is such a sensitive sign you are easily affected by other people's moods, which means you should be rather cheerful today. Everyone around you is in the mood to have fun. Sounds like an excuse for a party.