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April 22nd






ARIES- There is something you must do but you are not looking forward to it one little bit. Don't worry. Like so many things in life it won't be half as bad as you fear - but you've got to start work on it now.

TAURUS- If you break the rules today others will judge you in a way that may not be fair, but you will only have yourself to blame. You know what is and is not permissible, so think before you act - and act wisely.

GEMINI- You may have got a rival right where you want them but now you are in control of the situation ask yourself, do you really want to make them suffer? You've won already - you don't need to be merciless too.

CANCER- You may be worried that a plan of some kind is not working out the way you expected but don't start changing things around just yet. It may be that good news is just a matter of hours away.

LEO- Is your sixth sense telling you that a loved one needs your help? Well it should be and if it isn't it means you are too wrapped up in your work to notice. Come back to the real world - the world of people.

VIRGO- It seems you have been letting your fears get the better of you and if you allow it to continue it will affect your mood all week long. Don't let it happen. The world is still pretty marvelous - and so are you.

LIBRA- You need to keep telling yourself that your fate is not written in stone, that you CAN change the future if you are focused enough on a clear and consistent goal. Make that your number one aim for the next seven days.

SCORPIO- Your money problems may be worrying but they are not as bad as you think. In fact over the next few days there will be signs that you are over the worst, so start looking for ways to make some extra cash.

SAGITTARIUS- You need to identify your most important goal and focus on it to the exclusion of everything else. Most of all though you need to stop worrying about what the future may bring. It's going to be amazing!

CAPRICORN- Make sure you don't take a loved one's affection for granted because with love planet Venus opposing your ruler Saturn today the consequences could be dire. There's a warm, even passionate side to your nature. Use it.

AQUARIUS- Do you do something worthwhile or do you do something purely for fun? That is the question you are struggling with but you can have it all you know. Make time in your life for the meaningful and the mundane.

PISCES- You must let other people know how you feel today. If you don't they may assume you have no feelings towards them at all, and that's a recipe for disaster. It's also completely untrue, so open up a bit.