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Horoscopes for May 31st






ARIES- Someone you meet on your travels will tell you something interesting. It may sound a bit harsh but you know the truth when you hear it, so listen, learn and then act. Make this chance encounter work to your advantage.

TAURUS- What happens today will awaken your sense of injustice and compel you to take action. Whether it's the right action and whether your cause is truly just remains to be seen but the important thing is you are doing something.

GEMINI- Don't worry about other people's feelings: if you have something to say then you must come out with it right away. It may cause friction in the short-term but it will cause even more friction later if you stay quiet.

CANCER- Sometimes conflict is inevitable and that is the way of things now. At least you are in the mood to give as good as you get. Go on the warpath - and next time your rivals will think twice before taking you on.

LEO- With mind planet Mercury strongly aspected you won't doubt for a moment that you are doing the right thing. If anyone wants to take you on they had better have very thick skin. You'll have plenty to say for yourself

VIRGO- You won't be shy about letting the world know what you think today. If you are involved in a competitive environment this may be no bad thing but try not to be quite so blunt when dealing with loved ones

LIBRA- Cosmic activity in one of the more dynamic areas of your chart endows you with no small amount of courage, so don't sit there and take criticism that isn't warranted - go on the offensive. You're not really so timid!

SCORPIO- If you want something done you can, of course, do it yourself, but you can just as easily persuade others to do the work for you. Scorpios have a way of getting the best out of both friends and colleagues

SAGITTARIUS- You know what you want and you know how to get it - and you know that the one thing you really don't need is other people's advice. Trust your instincts today and follow them wherever they might lead.

CAPRICORN- Have your recent efforts really been wasted? It may look that way at the moment but chances are you have far too narrow a viewpoint. It's all about attitude: if you believe you can reach your goal you will find a way.

AQUARIUS- Today's Mars-Mercury link will give you some great ideas but it could also tempt you to do something silly. The best way to avoid trouble is to think before you act - but how likely is that when you feel so adventurous?


PISCES- You may not take kindly to others telling you how to do things but if you are smart you will listen. Put your ego to one side and let those who have been there and done it before you guide your next steps.