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April 23rd








ARIES- You don't have to be perfect and you certainly don't have to live up to standards that other people set for you. The message of the stars this week is to be yourself, at all times and in all situations. Then you'll be happy.

TAURUS- You'll be in an impulsive mood today, both in your personal life and at work, but is that such a bad thing? If you can't take a few risks at this time of year, with so much in your favor, when can you?

GEMINI- You may now be wondering if some of the plans you made earlier in the year were a bit optimistic. If so there is no need to criticize yourself for it, all you have to do is change them slightly. Much is still possible

CANCER- There is something you are desperate to say, something that has been nagging away at you for ages. Then say it and get it over with. Yes, you may well antagonize a few people but that's their fault not yours.

LEO- The Sun in Taurus brings out the cautious side of your nature, especially at work where you may be reluctant to say or do things that could rock the boat. It's a wise choice: the seas are a bit choppy at the moment.

VIRGO- Fact and fantasy are not so far apart that you can't find ways to link them. If you are creative by nature - and most Virgos are - use your imagination to envision a new future for yourself - then make it happen.

LIBRA- You may want to heal a rift of some kind but if you try to be nice your rivals will see it as a sign of weakness and redouble their efforts to make you look bad. Some rifts are just meant to be.

SCORPIO- It may be tempting to keep your head down and stay off the radar this week but if you take that route you will miss an opportunity to change your environment for the better. You can't opt out of life.

SAGITTARIUS- No doubt your head is full of wonderful ideas but make sure they are grounded in reality. Optimism is a wonderful thing but too much of the stuff can have negative consequences. See life for what it is.

CAPRICORN- What you need to recognize is that different people have different personalities and therefore different ways of doing things. Yes, of course, your way is best but trying to convince them of that fact is a waste of time.

AQUARIUS- The next few days are going to be challenging but that's okay because you will come out of it stronger and wiser. Thursday's eclipse will bring a work-related matter to a head. Promise yourself you'll stay calm

PISCES- If something that has been going well for you now starts to go wrong don't worry too much. Take it as a sign to just leave it alone for a bit and by the end of the week you can pick up where you left off.