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Horoscopes for June 4th







ARIES- If your security is threatened you can be a dangerous enemy and someone is about to find out just how much you dislike being taken advantage of. You're one of the good guys - and the bad guys don't stand a chance

TAURUS- The current cosmic set-up makes things appear much worse than they are, so don't get carried away and think the end of the world is near. Trust your own abilities, and trust that fate is still on your side.

GEMINI- Someone you live or work with seems to be under the impression that each time they do something wrong you will forgive them. It may have been true in the past but it's not true today. Come down on them hard.

CANCER-You may be tempted to work twice as hard today but a lunar eclipse in the wellbeing area of your chart warns that's not a good idea. Keep tasks to a minimum and think before you act. Or don't act at all.

LEO-  You can be rather wasteful at times, which is okay if you have money to burn but if you haven't you could find yourself in difficulties this coming week. Before you make that purchase ask yourself if you really need it.

VIRGO- The planets suggest that little things will be more important than big things today, so focus on the kind of details that others tend to overlook. On the home front especially your keen eye will spot danger quickly

LIBRA- There is no point kicking yourself for something you said or did that now turns out to be wrong. Everyone makes mistakes - yes, even a Libra - so put it down to experience and get on with your life.

SCORPIO- How do you turn good ideas into cash? That is the problem you will need to resolve over the next few days, but you must not be rash about it. Let today's eclipse pass before you make any final decisions

SAGITTARIUS- Yes, it's true, someone has taken advantage of you, but seeking revenge isn't the answer. Today's eclipse in your sign urges you to forgive those who have done you wrong. But don't forget or they may do it again.

CAPRICORN- The message of the stars for Capricorn this week is that not even someone as driven as you can change the world on your own. And why would you want to when there are so many people who share your ideals?



AQUARIUS- You must stick with the task or project you are working on, no matter how slowly it may be progressing. Later in the week you will be glad you kept going, while those who gave up will regret it bitterly

PISCES- Although you are under a lot of pressure at the moment you will find ways to deal with it. Pisces is an adaptable sign, so if one way does not seem to be working for you just try something else.