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April 24th






ARIES- Think before you act and resist the urge to be provocative. You may think you can get away with just about anything but that isn't true, and will be even less true as the week goes on. Watch your back!

TAURUS- You would like to make an intelligent assessment of a situation but how can you when the facts are so confusing? Don't worry. A few days from now everything will be clear and you'll know what to do, or not to do.

GEMINI- Today's link between Jupiter in your sign and your ruling planet Mercury will encourage you to see things in a more open and optimistic fashion. Life is as good as you want to make it, today and every day.

CANCER- Take care when dealing with people in positions of power because some of them are in a touchy mood. Wherever possible, keep a distance between you. If that isn't possible, talk and act as if you are treading on eggshells.

LEO- You may have strong opinions about certain issues but if you are smart you won't make a big deal of them. Even if facts and figures are on your side just keep quiet and lets others argue among themselves

VIRGO- You will say too much today - of that there is no doubt at all. With your ruler Mercury nicely linked to Jupiter, planet of excess, you just can't keep your mouth shut. And why should you when you're right!

LIBRA- According to the planets you are in the mood to say and do things that shock. That's okay but make sure you know what the possible consequences could be, especially the financial consequences. Can you afford to lose money?

SCORPIO- You may be feeling quietly confident about your chances but if you are wise you won't take anything for granted over the next 48 hours. Tomorrow's eclipse in your sign is sure to bring upsets, so stay alert

SAGITTARIUS- Honesty is your best policy today, even if it means telling a friend or relative something they may not want to hear. Jupiter, your ruler, will help you say it in a way that doesn't hurt their feelings too much

CAPRICORN- If it feels right to make a snap decision today then do so. Even if you are acting on limited information there is every chance you will reach the right conclusion, and maybe hit the jackpot financially too.

AQUARIUS- You need to make a decision about your work but you are torn between two different approaches. How do you resolve this dilemma? You talk to someone you trust. A second opinion will help you establish your own opinion.

PISCES- You will need to put on a brave face today, especially if you get news that seems to be the opposite of what you were hoping to hear. The important word there is "seems", because most likely it IS good news after all.