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Horoscopes for June 6th





ARIES- According to the planets you have been taking it easy and doing just enough to get by, but that must now change. Above all you must believe in yourself, because self-belief is the key that makes all things possible.

TAURUS- You may think you are a law unto yourself but even a Taurus has to toe the line occasionally and if you are smart you will tone down your act a bit over the next few days. You're not indestructible you know.

GEMINI- You will be pleasantly surprised how helpful people are today. Sometimes it's good to be suspicious but now the planets urge you to trust those you deal with, personally and professionally. They won't let you down.

CANCER-You may have some serious issues to deal with but that does not mean you cannot have fun. And if your idea of fun is to spend time alone with a good book or a stack of magazines then go for it.

LEO-  Avoid petty arguments and focus your energy on things that really matter. For some strange reason you have allowed minor issues to assume major proportions and this has lead to hostility that should not exist.

VIRGO- This will be one of those days when no matter how hard you try to get your head around what's going on you just can't make the connection. No matter. If everything in life made sense it would be far less interesting

LIBRA- You need to be more adventurous. That applies to all areas of your life but especially to your work where you could miss out on a golden opportunity if you are afraid to take a risk. Seriously, what have you got to lose?

SCORPIO- Try not to be so judgmental today. Remember that people are supposed to be different. Make an effort to get along with someone you would not usually want to hang out with. You may be surprised what you learn.

SAGITTARIUS- You have serious duties to perform but you must also make time for the lighter side of life. Every effort you make today must be balanced by something that's fun, something you enjoy purely for its own sake.

CAPRICORN- Things are rarely as bad as they seem, so throw yourself into a task you enjoy and before you know it you will have forgotten all about . . . well, whatever it was you were getting worked up about.




AQUARIUS- With both the Sun and Venus moving through the most dynamic area of your chart you can sense that so much is possible. But don't get carried away, especially where romance is concerned. Head and heart must be balanced.

PISCES- Whatever good ideas you have today you are advised to do something with them quickly, because later in the week you may not have time to do them justice. Talking of justice, forgive someone who has betrayed you.