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April 25th







ARIES- You won't miss a thing that goes on today and every little piece of information will be filed away for future use. Knowledge is power and you can never have too much of it. You won't abuse it though, will you?

TAURUS- You may not know what you have done to deserve so much good fortune but you would be a fool not to make use of it. Someone will try to make you feel guilty about it today. Don't let them.

GEMINI- Resist the urge to point out other people's faults and failings today. Keep your opinions to yourself and keep facts and figures that could cause relationship problems to yourself as well - for the time being at least.

CANCER- You may wish you were some place else than where you are right now but you can still have a lot of fun. Make an effort to enjoy yourself over the next 24 hours - and bring joy to other people as well.

LEO- What you discover about a loved one today may come as a bit of a shock but the signs have been there for ages. You may not agree with what they are doing but give them your support anyway. They're family after all.

VIRGO- There is no point clinging stubbornly to an outdated way of doing things and if you think you can the lunar eclipse will make things tough for you. The world is changing and you must change with it.

LIBRA- If you want people to support what you are going to be doing then you must explain to them, in as simple language as possible, what it's all about. Use your communication skills, and your charm, to win them round.

SCORPIO- Today's lunar eclipse in your sign could cause a bit of trouble, but only if you allow your emotions to carry you away. Whatever happens, be it "good" or be it "bad", treat it all as part of the game.

Sagittarius- It's not like you to let fear hold you back but for some reason you are rooted to the spot, unable to move forward or back. Don't worry, this troubling phase will pass. You'll soon be back to your cheerful self.

Capricorn- Friendships are under generally good stars at the moment but there is a danger today that a small misunderstanding could grow into something much bigger. Whatever you see or hear, don't take it too seriously.

Aquarius- Today's rather intense cosmic activity means the changes now taking place may not be entirely to your liking. That's too bad. You won't be able to change them back, so why not just go along for the ride?

Pisces- There is so much information coming your way now that it threatens to drown you in facts and figures and opinions that all point in different directions. Ignore it all and follow your instincts - they're seldom wrong.