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Horoscopes for June 8th








ARIES- Someone you meet on your travels will tell you something worth knowing today, something that puts a huge smile on your face. Don't keep the information to yourself - pass it on and make others happy too.

TAURUS- Hopefully you won't take what happens today too seriously. You of all people know how silly it is to struggle against events that cannot be controlled. Treat life as a game - and it will be a lot more fun.

GEMINI- You will have to sacrifice something that is precious to you for the greater good today. Remember: you are not making this decision just for yourself but for other people too.

CANCER-If you come on too strong today you are likely to turn people against you, so tone down your act a bit and look for ways to co-operate with those you live, work and do business with. Charm is the key.

LEO-  There is no point moaning about what you are expected to do - just roll up your sleeves and get on with the job. If one approach to a difficult task does not work just try another. You'll get it right.

VIRGO- The problems you face are mostly problems you have created for yourself. Therefore, hoping that other people will resolve them for you isn't going to work, is it? A more positive attitude plus hard work will do it though.

LIBRA- Stand your ground today even if you find yourself up against someone whose power and position puts your own in the shade. Yes, they have might on their side but you have right and that's far more important.

SCORPIO- Partners and colleagues may be a bit pushy today but you must not give in to their demands. Let them know that no matter how much they threaten you the answer is still "no" and will stay "no" forever.

SAGITTARIUS- You will need to be tough today, especially when dealing with people who seem to believe they have some sort of right to your time and energy. They have no such right and you must not encourage them.

CAPRICORN- No matter how strongly the evidence points in one direction today you must keep looking in other directions too. There is more than one path to your ultimate goal and you can jump between them any time you please.



AQUARIUS- Others may pretend to be something they are not but you don't need to deceive yourself. If partners and colleagues want to play games today that's up to them but you care only about reality. It's not so bad.

PISCES- Rise above your current situation and see it for what it is: just a small part of a far bigger picture. Once you understand that minor negative events are of no real importance you'll feel happier - and achieve more too