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April 26th






ARIES- You may be independent by nature but lately you have allowed other people to lead you in directions that are not right for you. It's time to put a stop to it. It's time to reassert your autonomy. Do it now.

TAURUS- Speak your mind without fear or favor but be ready for the backlash. Some people are still a bit touchy from yesterday's eclipse, so it's best to steer clear of certain topics. Unless you're looking for a fight, of course.

GEMINI- The planets urge you to keep a low profile over the next 24 hours. Your emotional and physical batteries are depleted and you need plenty of rest to bring you back up to par. Just take a break.

CANCER- Someone who is as different to you as it is possible to get will inspire you to seek answers in a new direction. For quite some time now you have felt that something is lacking. Find out what it is.

LEO -Is someone in a position of power being nice to you because they want something that only you can provide? Or is their concern with your welfare genuine? Most likely it's the former, so be on your guard

VIRGO- An opportunity is slipping away from you and you need to act fast. Most likely you have taken too long to make up your mind about it but you no longer have that luxury. Go for it or let it go.

LIBRA- Keep telling yourself that everyone is different and everyone has their own way of dealing with life. There is really no need to be judgmental: in the greater scheme of things everything, and everyone, has its place.

SCORPIO- Yesterday's eclipse stirred up powerful emotions and it may be some time before you get back to normal. Remember that applies to other people as well, so don't overreact if someone says something out of turn.

SAGITTARIUS- If you don't feel confident about taking on some new responsibility then don't push it. The choice is yours to make and if certain people try to hurry you into making it then maybe you should give it a miss

CAPRICORN- Steer clear of issues that are likely to be contentious. Even if someone asks you in a friendly manner what you think of a certain situation it may be best to give an answer that can be taken several ways

AQUARIUS-You may find it hard to force yourself to be enthusiastic about something you don't much enjoy doing but seeing as you will have to do it anyway you might as well make the effort. Who knows, it may be fun.

PISCES- Don't ignore information that makes you uneasy. You can, if you wish, pretend that it does not exist but all you are doing is delaying the inevitable. Better to deal with it now while you're still (just about) in control.