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Horoscopes for June 12th






ARIES- The planets warn that if you are not careful you could spend a fortune today. On the other hand, you have been working hard of late and deserve a reward, so maybe you should splash out - just this once!

TAURUS- Write your goals down on a piece of paper and look at them at odd moments throughout the day. Sometimes you work best without specific aims but today you must focus on the essentials, and nothing else

GEMINI- Friends and work colleagues alike are relying on you to take the lead and show them the way, so push personal worries to the back of your mind and do what you can to assist them. You'll be assisting yourself too.

CANCER- Others may bend the rules and get away with it but you must not allow yourself to be so tempted. If you stick to the straight and narrow you will get everything your heart desires over the next 24 hours.

LEO- Follow your dreams wherever they may lead you, no matter how far that may be from where you are now. This is the ideal time to go looking for what treasures lie beyond the horizon, or even over the rainbow

VIRGO- It's quite possible that you will come into money over the next day or two, but if you do it's unlikely that you will hold on to it for long. There are just so many beautiful things you want to possess.

LIBRA- Your rivals may seem confident but the fact is they are as scared of you as you are of them - maybe more so. Challenge them directly today and don't be surprised if they back down and let you win

SCORPIO- Reach out to other people and help them feel good about themselves. And don't limit your generosity of spirit to loved ones and friends - go out of your way to be nice to work colleagues and strangers too.

SAGITTARIUS- The problem you face today will require a certain amount of abstract thinking if you are going to solve it successfully. Not everything can be explained by logic or common sense. Try thinking "outside the box" for a change

CAPRICORN- Loved ones will forgive you almost anything today - if you say you are sorry and if your regret sounds genuine. You don't have to lay it on thick, just acknowledge you made a bad call and will do better next time.

AQUARIUS- Resist the urge to criticize other people, both in your private life and in your working environment. In fact, go out of your way to give them your support, even if you don't think they deserve it. Miracles may happen.

PISCES- Discussions of all kinds will go well today, especially if you give those you deal with the impression that you are as eager for them to do well as you are to do well yourself. There's plenty to go around.