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April 29th









ARIES- It's not like you to be so openly affectionate but someone seems to have fired up your passion. Whatever the reason for the sudden upsurge of loving feelings it's something you should do more often.

TAURUS- There are so many wonderful aspects operating in your favor now that all things are possible. Wishes you made in the past that came to nothing WILL come true this week, so get your best smile ready

GEMINI- If you need to give your self-confidence a boost ask a friend what they think of your latest creative project. Most likely they will praise it to the skies and your ego will go through the roof too

CANCER- What a loved one tells you today may be interesting but you would be wise not to take it too seriously. It could be that they have been mislead, so check the facts carefully before acting on their information.

LEO- You could meet someone interesting today, but only if you make the effort to get out and about. You could also be the beneficiary of a stroke of good fortune you probably don't deserve. But who's counting

VIRGO- If you make a few small and apparently insignificant savings now you won't have to make so many major sacrifices later on. As a Virgo you are supposed to be organized, especially financially. So what happened?

LIBRA- Tell someone how you feel about them today - provided, of course, your feelings are warm and generous. Don't put it off a moment longer: they are waiting to hear your words of love and laughter.

SCORPIO- You may want to help a colleague who clearly is in need of assistance but if you have already helped them several times in the recent past maybe you should let them suffer. It may be the only way they learn

SAGITTARIUS- You are in an unusually loving mood at the moment and long may it continue. However, don't be so loving that you forget that not everyone shares your natural generosity. If you do it could cost you dear.

CAPRICORN- You may be unsure of your abilities but others have faith in you and will go out of their way to show it today. If they ask you to get up in front of an audience be brave and do it - you'll be a star.

AQUARIUS- You seem to be everyone's favorite Aquarius at the moment, and that's nice, but don't let it lull you into a false sense of security. You still have some big issues to deal with and some big rivals to overcome.

PISCES- The next few days are going to be very busy indeed, not only in body but in mind as well. New ideas will grab your attention and new opportunities will tempt you to try something different. So try.