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Horoscopes for June 13th







ARIES- Don't just sit there dreaming about what might be, get out there and make it happen. Today's Sun-Saturn link promises that if you make a serious effort you will enjoy serious results, the kind that could make you a star

TAURUS- The planets will bring several opportunities your way over the next 24 hours but there is one goal you should be focusing on to the exclusion of everything else. Believe it is in your power to make it happen - and it will.

GEMINI-Do something different today, something that forces you to think and act fast. The more you are on the move the less time you will have to spend worrying about little things that really are of only minor importance.

CANCER-You can sense that an important change is coming and you are worried it might be a change for the worse. You won't escape this feeling until the Sun enters your sign on the 20th but today's events will ease your fears.

LEO-  You will realize today that you were wrong to be suspicious about someone's motives. If you said things you now regret it is not too late to unsay them, but you have to be quick and you have to sound sincere.

VIRGO-You enjoy routine but the planets warn there is a danger you could settle into a routine that is too comfortable and too predictable. Be more ambitious. Aim higher. Take risks. If you don't push yourself now you'll regret it later

LIBRA- Things have been going so well for you of late that you are afraid there is some sort of catch. Don't worry there isn't, and today's Sun-Saturn link will confirm how truly fortunate you are. You deserve your luck, so enjoy it.

SCORPIO- Money matters will go well today but they will go even better if you follow your instincts rather than what the "experts" suggest. If they really know how to make a fortune why are they so eager to tell you?

SAGITTARIUS- Forget what others say you have to do and focus on your own desires. That is not only the recipe for having fun but also the recipe for success. Why? Because what comes easy to you is what you'll most likely do best.

CAPRICORN- Yes, routine may be boring but at least you know what's coming next and that will be important today. Someone in a position of authority will be impressed by your willingness to stick at a task others too easily gave up on.



AQUARIUS- You won't lack for confidence today, and you never lack for courage, but hopefully you will balance that with a large dose of common sense. Remember: if you go to extremes you will inevitably provoke some extreme reactions.

PISCES- Financial matters are under favorable stars today and if you use your brain you will come out ahead of the game. Others may get emotional but you will keep your feelings under strict control - and profit from it.