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Horoscopes for June 14th




ARIES- You will hear what you want to hear today and ignore anything that does not fit in with your preconceived ideas. No one is going to stop you but you may find you don't understand certain issues. Why limit your thinking?

TAURUS- Don't worry if you're not doing much on a practical level because this is a time for thinking and planning. There is no point trying to move forward until you are clear in your mind what your long-term goals are going be.

GEMINI- This could be a stressful day, especially where relationships are concerned. Misunderstandings are likely but how you let them affect you is a matter of choice. Don't automatically assume people are being difficult for the sake of it.

CANCER- Sometimes you are too self-controlled for your own good and when outside pressures get too much you explode in anger or tears. The planets warn that a small explosion is likely today - but it's better than a big one later!

LEO- It's not like you to be emotionally distant but something has annoyed you and now you are keeping your distance from certain people. Things will soon be back to normal but, in the meantime, let's hope they get the message.

VIRGO- Try not to make promises you may not be able to keep today because if you let people down they won't be too happy about it. That applies to your love life as much as it does to work and business activities.


LIBRA- Others are unlikely to react well if you are critical of their efforts today. Yes, they may be doing it wrong, but pointing out their faults and failings is hardly likely to endear you to them. Try to be tactful.

SCORPIO- One moment you are too generous and the next you are too tough. Why the extremes? Partly it's just your nature but it may also be a reaction to other people's inconsistencies. You don't have to be like them

SAGITTARIUS- Colleagues and employers will look kindly on you today, so if there is anything you want from them now would be a good time to ask. They may, of course, want something from you in return - make sure you can deliver.

CAPRICORN- You seem very concerned with personal relationships at the moment but until the Sun moves into your opposite sign on the 20th you won't be able to change much for the better. Be patient. More loving days are coming.

AQUARIUS- If you are not enjoying what you are working on then it's pretty obvious you are working on the wrong thing. Deep down you know what you want to be doing, so be true to yourself and focus only on that.

PISCES- You may be eager to show the world what you can do but if you are smart you'll hold off for a while. The Sun moves in your favor next week, making it easier to impress the people who really matter.