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April 30th






ARIES- Sometimes it is right to be selfish and this is one such occasion. Put your own needs first today and don't worry that some people might not like it. What matters is that your efforts are for your own benefit.

TAURUS- Make an effort to see the good in people rather than the bad today, and for the rest of the week. There is a piece of the divine spark in every human being, though sometimes you have to dig deep to find it!

GEMINI- You may be the life and soul of the party most of the time but you need your private moments too and you definitely need some time and space to yourself today. Keep in touch with the inner you, the real you.

CANCER- Look at your life as it is, think of your life as you want it to be, then start working on the things that will take you from here to there by the straightest line and in the quickest time. Yes, it's that simple.

LEO- Don't follow the herd - be different. Some people like their lives to be predictable and boring but that isn't for you, not now, not ever. You're a Leo and Leos were born to be creators - and lovers too.

VIRGO- Don't worry about how you are going to reach your long-term goals. Cosmic activity in the sympathetic sign of Taurus is guiding you in the right direction and protecting every step you make. Believe it, it's true.

LIBRA- Your mind is full of big ideas at the moment but do you have the necessary talent to do something with them? Of course you do. Select one major aim for the month of May and work on it every single day.

SCORPIO- You may be tempted to go back on something you decided to do simply because the going is tougher than you expected but that would be a mistake. The toughest part will be followed by the easiest part, so stick with it.

SAGITTARIUS- Just because you are working harder than ever does not mean you will accomplish more. In fact, if the planets are to be believed, you are on the point of exhausting yourself for no good reason. Slow down.

CAPRICORN- Everyone needs rules to live by but that does not mean you have to follow someone else's rules, especially if they don't feel right to you. Make your own rules today and be brave enough to live by them.

AQUARIUS- You feel a bit out of touch at the moment. The prevailing mood among your friends is very different to what you feel inside. But what of it? The world is a big enough place for all sorts of feelings - yes, even yours!

PISCES-Try not to complicate matters today. There are no hidden meanings or motives in what other people say and do, so stop worrying. Be who you are to the best of your abilities. You'll survive. In fact you'll thrive.