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Horoscopes for June 15th








ARIES-No doubt you have big plans and no doubt you are going places but keep a sense of perspective. Look into your crystal ball and see what a wonderful future awaits you but don't expect everything you see to come true.

TAURUS- You won't lack for confidence today but will you match it with common sense? If you don't you could find that something you expected to go right goes wrong at the last possible moment. Caution is not always a dirty word.

GEMINI- You will be inspired to try something new today. Whether your sense of adventure is a good thing remains to be seen but at least you are starting to take the kind of risks you have too often avoided in the past.

CANCER- What you need today is a fresh way of looking at the world around you, and the only way to get that is to ask people for their opinions. Will your ego allow it? It will if it knows what's good for it.

LEO- You are sure to have a brilliant idea today but you would be wise to get a second opinion before you put it into effect. It might just be that you have overlooked something small but important that could upset your plans

VIRGO- There is no limit to what you can achieve now but there is a danger that you will take too much for granted and make a silly mistake. Check and re-check each and every detail. You really can't be too careful.

LIBRA- A lot of things don't seem to make much sense at the moment but does it matter? Life is and always will be a mystery but that's what makes it so beguiling. If you knew it all you would quickly grow bored.

SCORPIO- You may have something worthwhile to say but that does not mean everyone you interact with is going to believe you, or even want to hear your message. Don't take it personally if others disagree with your viewpoint today.

SAGITTARIUS- You may not be thinking as clearly as you should at the moment and that could have a negative effect on matters of a financial nature. If there are decisions to be made wait until the Sun changes signs on the 20th.

CAPRICORN- You know what you want and your confidence is such that the thought of failure has not crossed your mind. That's good. Only those who are truly passionate about their aims will enjoy the kind of success that makes history.

AQUARIUS- Do you keep your plans to yourself or do you let everyone know about them? If you are smart you won't give too much away. You don't need to share and you certainly don't need to seek other people's approval.

PISCES- Some of the ideas you come up with today and over the weekend will be remarkable even by your superior standards. But don't get carried away and make claims and promises you may not be able to live up to.