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Horoscopes for June 18th







ARIES- You may be tempted to make a decision about your family life that will mean many major changes over the next 12 months. Wait. The Sun's change of signs on Wednesday will provide you with less intrusive options.

TAURUS- Take extra care when dealing with money. The approaching new moon may tempt you to take the kind of risks that you would usually strive to avoid. If they go wrong you'll be paying off what you owe for months to come.

GEMINI- Other people may be dragging their feet and making life difficult for you but there's good news too. Tomorrow's new moon will make it easy for you to act on your own. You really don't need anyone's help.

CANCER- You may have been feeling vulnerable of late but when the Sun moves into your birth sign on Wednesday your confidence will return with a vengeance. A new solar year is about to begin. It could be one of the best.

LEO- When the Sun changes signs the day after tomorrow you will be more concerned with inner issues than what is going on in the world around you - so get essential tasks out of the way now, while you're still willing.

VIRGO- You may feel that a change of direction is necessary, and you may be right, but don't make it anything too drastic. Over the next few days your outlook will improve and you may not want to change much at all.

LIBRA- The Sun is approaching the career angle of your chart, so start giving some thought to how you see your working life developing over the coming 12 months. A change of direction is very much on the cards - if you're decisive.

SCORPIO- Major decisions concerning your financial situation will have to be made over the next few days. The most important thing is that you remain totally realistic about what needs to be done. Wishful thinking is dangerous.

SAGITTARIUS- Even if you are the most logical Sagittarius who ever lived your emotions will lead you today. Is that a bad thing? Not necessarily, but it will be if you follow your feelings to such an extent that common sense is excluded.

CAPRICORN- If you don't want to come out and play today that's fine - you are under no obligation to socialize just because friends or work colleagues think you should. Focus on what needs to be done - and do it brilliantly.

AQUARIUS- You have achievedmuch in recent weeks, so don't spoil it nowby taking silly risks and forgetting you have limits like everyone else. Keep your feet on the ground and your head free of the clouds. Reason wins every time

PISCES- One of the best times of the year is about to begin but it will be even better if you resolve a domestic situation that has been sapping your emotional energy for too long. One way or the other get over it today.