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May 1st







ARIES-You don't have to feel sorry for someone if you think they don't deserve it. Be true to yourself and be honest about your feelings. There are many injustices in the world but few if any of them are your fault.

TAURUS- Mars in your birth sign endows you with huge self-confidence but with Saturn also in the picture today you must be cautious. Whatever you choose to do it will have repercussions. Causes are always followed by effects.

GEMINI- It may seem to other people that you are easily manipulated but it isn't the truth - and it gives you an advantage. Let your rivals think you are weak, then when they are least expecting it you can hit back

CANCER- Decide what it is you want to do, then look for ways to pay for it. If you are thinking about changing what you do for a living put job satisfaction at the top of your list. Everything else is secondary

LEO- You may feel you have got less than you deserve from some kind of service but don't make a fuss about it. You will soon get a chance to improve your status. You are in fact in quite a strong bargaining position.

VIRGO- Don't worry about how you are going to reach your long-term goals. Cosmic activity in the sympathetic sign of Taurus is guiding you in the right direction and protecting every step you make. Believe it, it's true.

LIBRA- If there is something you want you will find a way to get it no matter what obstacles are in your path. Once you possess it you may find it isn't that great after all but it's the challenge that excites you.

SCORPIO- Don't bother trying to explain your actions to other people because they won't understand. Just do what you have to do and ignore whatever criticism may come your way. What do you care what other people think.

SAGITARRIUS- You may be laid-back by nature but some people can be extremely fussy and no doubt certain individuals will have a good moan today. Find ways to blot them out of your consciousness. They're not worth listening to.

CAPRICORN- It all seems to be coming together now. What could possibly go wrong? Quite a lot actually. With Mars opposing your ruler Saturn today you need to keep your wits about you. Who do you trust? Only yourself.

Aquarius- You need to get back to basics — and that means keeping a tighter rein on your mind. It’s too easy to get distracted and lose touch with what’s most important, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up!

Pisces- If your people seem to have made a few mistakes last night, let them deal with the consequences on their own — this is a terrible time for meddling! Just focus on your own business for now.